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Perusal of the True Crime section of almost any bookstore reveals a good selection of books depicting undercover law enforcement agents daringly outwitting the bad guys to bring down drug cartels and mob bosses through elaborate stings and covert operations. Plainclothes detectives get their fair share of titles devoted to exploits investigating high profile murder cases or serial killers. The glorification of police investigators is further solidified through numerous TV shows and movies. Read More

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2 reviews for Real Cop Book

  1. Steve Pestka

    “An honest account of an important era in Grand Rapids from an outstanding police officer. It is more important today than ever. I really enjoyed it.”— Steve Pestka, Retired Kent County, MI Circuit Judge and former Michigan state representative.

  2. Edward S. Hillyer, Retired Police Officer, Retired Union President, Police Labor Representative

    Being a retired police officer and union leader, this was hard to read at times because of the brutal honesty. Dave puts his heart and soul into his writing of this book. He is much more honest about his feelings, and how the vast majority of officers feel at different times of their careers. It made me take a good look at myself. This is a must reading for anyone that wants to know what goes on in a patrol officer’s mind during their career. Thank you for putting this all out there Dave.

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